Draw will be held daily on : 07.40 A.M
Thursday, 06 June 2024
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2nd Prize
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Past Result List

Date Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3
2024-06-06 2391 0048 8094 Vista
2024-06-05 6480 8237 8355 Vista
2024-06-04 0551 9245 6669 Vista
2024-06-03 3402 9376 3904 Vista
2024-06-02 1083 9711 0188 Vista
2024-06-01 6875 0393 6401 Vista
2024-05-31 0026 7379 9699 Vista
2024-05-30 8571 5345 2461 Vista
2024-05-29 0924 4374 3018 Vista
2024-05-28 3959 3692 9410 Vista

About Central Coast Lottery

We are Central Coast Lottery outlet in Central Coast with a internet group that help each other to get rich by luck. We are operating as a group of people sharing our analysis and predictions. "Central Coast Lottery" is the name of our internet branch and has a lot of members local and international. Our location is Central Coast and the surrounding districts where we mostly operate from, which is only about 25 minutes drive to Central Coast International Airport and Future shopping complex, one of the very big, clean shopping malls in Central Coast. Our services are fairly wide and varied but we do offer a free, reliable, helpful, and honest, service to our local and international clients who are always happy to refer our services to others. Our staffs are fluent in both the English and Latin languages. We have been engaged in this line of business for over 7 years. Primarily our main task sharing tips and letting the players know the latest results of the current game as early as possible. We also share our tips and predictions to our members and guests. We welcome viewers with tips and predictions for the next game, send them in English with your name or nick name, and any track record, qualifications, or achievements you have gained in giving previous accurate tips via dreams, precognition, rabbit footprints, studying the moon & stars etc. and we will publish them.

Latest submission of tips and predictions would be two days before the coming draw. So if you want to submit your predictions please send them as early as possible so we can publish them and let others to see. Please ensure that your tips are sent in two days before the draw. Study your crystal balls, charts, dreams, analysis and other devices before sending in your tips. The Lucky tipsters in future will get recognized & mentioned in our Hall of Fame page.